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Take That!
Wild horses from the Onaqui HMA fighting.
Smokey Sunset
A wild horse silhouetted in the sunset and wildfire smoke, headed to water on the Onaqui HMA, located in Utah.
Great Horned Owlets
Knock, knock....Hooooo's there?
Pony Express Star Trails
Star trails at the Pony Express Monument in Utah.
America Kestrel surveying the land.
Onaqui Wild Horses in a greeting.
Burrowing Owl
Burrowing owl from Antelope Island, Utah.
Moonburst across Fish Lash
Full moon reflection on Fish Lake, Utah
Sun Flower
A sunflower lit by the sunset.
Coyote Stare
Antelope Island, Utah.
Porcupine Cuteness
A porcupine enjoying winter berries on Antelope Island, Utah.
Take That! Smokey Sunset Great Horned Owlets Pony Express Star Trails KestrelOnaPost EskimoKisses_B&W Burrowing Owl Moonburst across Fish Lash Sun Flower Coyote Stare Porcupine Cuteness
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